We receive many questions from you on a wide variety of subjects. Pendant_Visual2_détouréWe have built our list of Frequently Asked Questions based on these questions.
Here is the list:

My touch screen does not respond?

Connect a wire mouse to the USB and restart the cabinet

Tip 1: Remember to regularly backup your robots on a USB stick.

Tip 2: After swapping pendants between two robots for troubleshooting, each pendant must be returned to its original robot because the serial numbers are fixed on the pendant.

Tip 3: Parameter setting recommendations

If there is an initialization problem: set parameter 10.4.9 (for X axis) to 0.
Delete ejector validation RST when the mold is closed: 5.0.2.
Cancel HR forcing after adjustment: 0.2.5.
If there is a tracking error fault on Y when the mold is opened: 11.1.20 = 40.
Set the axis to “Braked when stopped”: 10.1.10 ≠ 0.
Deactivate the buzzer: 9.24.4 = 127.