We receive many questions from you on a wide variety of subjects. We have built our list of Frequently Asked Questions based on these questions.
Here is the list:

My touch screen is offset?

Recalibrate the touch screen by moving the switch in the pendant to position 3 and then follow the instructions given on the screen

What are the positions on the CPU switch that inhibit CAN Buses?

  • Position 9 : Pendant CAN active (CAN Robot and Speed driver CAN deactivated)
  • Position A : Pendant CAN and speed driver CAN active (Robot CAN deactivated)
  • Position B : Pendant CAN and Robot CAN active (Speed driver CAN deactivated)

What is the meaning of the CPU LEDs during a fault?

You can check the functioning using the troubleshooting LED’s :

  • Power up
  • Wait until the board is properly started up (about 2 minutes).



 My touch screen is frozen?

The problem may come from a short circuited sensor (XQP connector at the end of the Z arm, rotation sensors, etc.).

Tip 1: Make regular backups of your robots using the SEPRO editor.