The Level 2 Advanced Programming course is intended for people who are/will be responsible for:Visual 2 Command Control

  • writing Sepro programs involving stacking/palletizing subroutines
  • using the Sepro PLC feature
  • optimizing robot performance through knowledge of parameters
  • utilizing BITs, WORDs and WWORDs (system information)
  • developing SAP program templates for specific applications
  • utilizing complex home-return sequences, including SR and R labels
  • handling advanced applications that require knowledge beyond the Level 1 course

This course is designed to benefit people who have already developed working Sepro programs and are now looking to handle more complicated applications or further optimize their present setup. The topics in this course are significantly advanced and are explained in detail in a fast-paced environment. It is expected that all people attending this course have mastered the basics of Sepro programming.

Topics Covered in Course

  • Review of Level 1 Programming
  • Advanced Programming


  • Every effort is made to customize the course to the interests and needs of the trainees that are present at each session.
  • We encourage trainees to bring copies of programs from their facilities to discuss in class.
  • Trainees should bring their own laptop, if possible, to class.

Training class hours at 8am to 5pm

Pricing : Contact us for our current service rate.

Cancellation policy : ALL seats must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to training date.

November 5th-7th, 2019 - Pittsburgh (SOLD OUT)

Language : English

Pittsburgh Training Center

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