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Since 1973, Sepro has grown continuously and over the years has become one of the major players on the Plastics Automation market.

This has been accomplished through our values :

  -  We are committed to the excellence of our products and  services.

  -  We are known as a major actor of the world industrial regions.
1973 : Paul Radat founds SEPRO Engineering (Société d'Etude de nouveaux PROduits) in France. Sepro produces its first manipulator for injection molding machines.

1982 : First CNC robot for the unloading of injection-molding machines.

1985 : First robots sales in the USA thanks to a distribution agreement with Conair.

1990 : SEPRO becomes Sepro Robotique and European subsidiaries were formed in Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. Distribution network extended to Scandinavia, Benelux and Portugal.

1990: Sprue pickers are added to the Sepro Robotique product range.

1994: Range 3000 robots launched at EuroPlast and shown at K'95.

1999 : Sepro opens a new factory in La Roche Sur Yon

2000 : Launch of  high-speed robots for packaging, including PIP 3020 HP cartesian robot and PIP 3440 side-entry robot

2001 : First successes of Sepro Robotique in the High Speed Packaging market. Sepro Robotique presents as a preview at K'2001 the first models of its new generation of robots : Generation IV.

2002 : Generation IV beam robots and Visual control introduced.

2004 : Axess Series of affordable three-axis all-servo robots introduced for application on molding machines from 20 to 180 tons. Generation IV line expanded to include SR 4040 for machines up to 1000 tons.

2004: BE Series introduced with pneumatic power on the vertical and kick strokes, and AC electric drive on the horizontal axis. Brings greater flexibility of part release position to typical sprue-picker applications.

2006: SR 4050 added to Generation IV line to serve molding machines as large 2500 tons. Axess range expanded to serve machines to 450 tons. Touch Control system introduced.

2007: Sepro America LLC joint venture is formed by Sepro and Conair; U.S. based staff doubles in size. Focus 100% on automation.

2008: Sepro assumes full ownership of Sepro America LLC. Expanded warehouse and assembly facility doubles the size of Sepro America facility in Pittsburgh, PA.

2008: Sepro begins manufacturing its own line of sprue pickers with proprietary control.

2009: Sepro America exhibits at NPE for the first time as an independent company serving North America. Introduces Visual 2 and Touch 2 controls and Axess models redesigned for longer strokes and bigger payloads.

2009: Sepro Robotique and Sumitomo Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH (Schwaig, Germany) reach agreement for Sepro to manufacture five models of three-axis servo robots for Sumitomo Demag injection-molding machines.

2010: Sepro launches S5 line of high-performance robots to succeed Generation IV. Introduces largest Axess model for molding machines to 1000 tons.