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You have already tried and tested our Sepro robots and the Sepro Group can also assist you with your automation projects.

With years of experience and expertise, Sepro offers proven, comprehensive and competitive automation solutions.

Each year, a large number of customers rely on us for supplying complex EOATs or simple stacking, palletization, insert placing, part overmolding or pick & place solutions.

We commission one hundred or so automated production cells all around the world from our automation centers located in France, the USA, Germany and China.

A Sepro project manager follows your project from quotation to commissioning.

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A wide range of automation systems

  • EOAT for parts
  • EOAT for inserts
  • Over-molding stations
  • Conveying systems
  • Universal staking cells
  • Safety guarding
  • Specific stations : cavity separators and sprue cutting, control, transfer, traceability, assembly
  • Complete turnkey automation solutions
sepro automation eoat pieces
EOAT for parts
automation Préhension pour inserts
EOAT for inserts
sepro automation
Over-molding stations
automation convoyeur
Conveying systems
automation protections
Safety guarding
Automation vision control
Specific stations : control
automation cell
Complete turnkey automation solutions for Cartesian robots
automation cell
Complete turnkey automation solutions  for 6-axis robots