Industrial robots show


Sepro America will demonstrate a complete automation cell with 5– and 6-Axis robots working together and the new S5 Picker in the Sepro America Booth  (# 1223) at ADM, taking place in Cleveland, OH, from March 29-30.


Sepro America at Plastech West

In the demonstration cell, a 6X-90L 6-Axis robot and a 5X-15 cartesian robot take turns picking two parts from a simulated injection mold, placing them on a conveyor and then picking them off the other end of the conveyor and placing them back on the “mold” cores. It illustrates capabilities like insert pick-up and placement, part removal and accurate positioning for post-mold operations.


The new CNC S5 Picker operating space is protected by a laser light curtain. If a person approaches the robot while it is operating, the sensors will signal the Sepro control, which will first slow the robot and eventually stop its motion entirely to prevent operator injury or damage to the equipment.


Sepro will also be presenting the wide choice in robots offer, Solution by Sepro automation, and Sepro’s native control platform common to all robots and fully integrated in the IMM control.


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